Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital Accommodation Illawarra Shoalhaven

At Lawrence Hargrave you have access to: Amputee Rehabilitation Program, Back Education Program, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology, Falls Prevention Program, Geriatric Medicine Specialists, Hydrotherapy, Joint Replacement Programs, Neurological Rehabilitation Programs, Occupational Therapy, Orthopaedic Programs, Pain Management Program, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Psychology, Rehabilitation Nurses, Recreational Therapy, Social Work, Specialist Rehabilitation Physicians, Speech Pathology, Stroke Rehabilitation Program, Tai Chi.
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Location of Accommodation Near the Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital Illawarra Shoalhaven
About the Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital : The Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital was a nursing home backup in the 1970's and was purchased and renovated as a rehabilitation hospital in 1981. It is now owned by Ramsay Health Care Limited.
Hospital Address : 72 Phillip Street, Thirroul, NSW 2515, Thirroul, Illawarra Shoalhaven
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For All Emergencies - Ambulance, Fire & Police - Call 000 (triple zero)
Poisons Information Centre - Phone: 131 126 Lifeline - Phone: 13 11 14
After Hours GP Helpline - Phone: 1800 022 222 SuicideLine - Phone: 1300 651 251
State Emergency Service - Phone: 132 500 Parentline - Phone: 132 289
  Kids Help Line - Phone: 1800 551 800