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Services Provided at the Laidley Hospital include: 1. General: Emergency Department, Palliative Care, Interim Care, Transitional Care, General Acute Care, Slow Stream Rehabilitation, Transfusion Lounge. 2. Allied Health: Physiotherapy, Social Work, Speech Therapy (telehealth), Dietician (telehealth), Occupational Therapy (visiting). 3. Clinics and community health services: Community Health Nurse, Child Health (visiting), Adult, Child and Youth Mental Health Services (visiting/outreach), Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (visiting/outreach), Midwife Clinic, Immunisation Clinic (visiting), Telehealth, Cardiology (visiting), Podiatry, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Lung Health (visiting), Psychiatric (visiting).
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About the Laidley Hospital : Laidley is a rural town and locality in the Lockyer Valley Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, the locality of Laidley had a population of 3,808 people.
Hospital Address : 75 William St, Laidley QLD 4341, Laidley, West Moreton
For All Emergencies - Ambulance, Fire & Police - Call 000 (triple zero)
Poisons Information Centre - Phone: 131 126 Lifeline - Phone: 13 11 14
After Hours GP Helpline - Phone: 1800 022 222 SuicideLine - Phone: 1300 651 251
State Emergency Service - Phone: 132 500 Parentline - Phone: 132 289
  Kids Help Line - Phone: 1800 551 800